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Landscaping Boxford MA

Masonry in Boxford, MA

A landscape renovation is exciting, and adding a few masonry features to your patio can transform a boring space into an outdoor relaxation and entertaining space you will be excited to use. Wondering what you can do to make your patio perfect for you? Contact our masonry expert in Boxford, MA

Masonry in Boxford, MA - Landscaping Boxford, MA
Paver Driveway in Boxford, MA - Landscaping Design Boxford, MA

Driveways in Boxford, MA

Zacarias ensures that every driveway is made with longevity in mind. By paying close attention to texture and edging when constructing new driveways or resurfacing existing ones, our certified contractors put care into making a driveway that will last through the wear and tear of daily use.


Retaining Walls in Boxford, MA

Retaining walls are an excellent dual-purpose solution for both sloping and drainage problems, and sectioning off your backyard with added aesthetic interest. If your property has a large slope that you would like to utilize for gardening or softscaping purposes, consider installing a retaining wall.

Retaining Walls in Boxford MA - Landscape Design Boxford, MA
Tree Services in Boxford MA - Landscaping Boxford MA

Tree Services in Boxford, MA

Zacarias Tree & Landscaping’s seasoned tree care team uses high-quality equipment to provide attentive maintenance and service for your trees including pruning, tree trimming, planting, and hydration for breathtaking, luscious greenery that will draw positive attention to your property.


Snow Removal in Boxford, MA

When cold inclement weather presents a challenge for homeowners and commercial properties with slippery driveways, snowed-in walkways, and icy stairs, our friendly snow removal team will ensure that key areas are cleared and safe for use. Using snow plows and natural ice melting methods such as gravel, sand, and salt, Zacarias Tree & Landscape Service quickly and effectively removes snow and ice from your property.

Snow Removal in Boxford MA - Landscaping Boxford MA
Irrigation Services in Boxford MA - Landscaping Boxford MA

Irrigation in Boxford, MA

Irrigation is an important part of what keeps your property’s softscaping healthy and vibrant throughout the year. During warmer months, irrigation becomes increasingly more essential. We offer the installation of comprehensive irrigation systems to keep your plants and lawn thoroughly hydrated. At Zacarias, we implement various irrigation techniques including surface irrigation, localized irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and sub-irrigation depending on the layout of your residential or commercial property.


Outdoor Lighting in Boxford, MA

Outdoor lighting can brighten up a party, add calming ambiance to a relaxing evening outdoors, or pull focus to architectural details by highlighting softscaping and illuminating stairways with embedded lights. Our team of designers will carefully include outdoor lighting to your patio, stairway, and walkway designs upon your request. Providing safety and beauty, outdoor lighting can transform your outdoor living spaces, making them usable long into the night.

Outdoor Lighting in Boxford MA - Landscaping Boxford MA

Boxford, Massachusetts

Boxford, Massachusetts, is a town located in Essex County, part of the Greater Boston area. The town is characterized by its rural, wooded landscape and numerous ponds, streams, and wildlife areas.


The town operates under an open town meeting government system, where residents have a direct voice in local governance. Boxford's educational needs are served by the Boxford Public Schools system, which is well-regarded for its commitment to academic excellence and serves students in grades pre-K through 6. Older students typically attend schools in the Masconomet Regional School District, shared with nearby towns.

Boxford is known for its extensive trail system, maintained by the Boxford Trails Association/Boxford Open Land Trust, offering residents and visitors alike opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and nature observation across various conservation lands. Among these, the Bald Hill Reservation and Boxford State Forest stand out for their natural beauty and recreational offerings. 

The town also hosts historical spots, such as the Holyoke-French House and the East Boxford Historic District, which provide glimpses into its colonial past. The Boxford Community Store, affectionately known as the "Boxford Village Store," has served as a central gathering spot for residents since the early 20th century.

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