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How to Find the Right Tree Services Near Me for a Landscaping Project in Boxford, MA

How to Find the Right Tree Services Near Me for a Landscaping Project in Boxford, MA

Trees are prominent landscape features that need as much care as other plants. Trees need specialized care, from planting to ongoing maintenance. If it’s time for a few new trees in your landscape, you want this important task to go to people with the expertise your trees need. Here’s how to find the right tree services near me for a landscaping project in Boxford, MA.

First, why use a tree service and not just any landscape contractor? You want the experts to handle your tree installation and subsequent care. Look for a company that has certified arborists on staff. Their in-depth education and training encompasses everything from tree biology to expert pruning that will not damage the tree.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while interviewing tree services:

1. Insurance

Proof of current insurance is a must. The company should carry liability insurance to cover any potential damage to your property while they are planting, maintaining, or removing trees. The company should also carry worker’s compensation should any employee sustain injuries while on the job. Insurance also protects you from being sued in case of an accident. We recommend that you don’t allow any landscape company onto your property without proof of current insurance.

2. Current Licenses

While licensing requirements vary by location, arborists who perform work on trees taller than 12 feet typically hold a license. An “Ornamental” license is granted to tree care professionals who will be performing tree and shrub work on plants less than 12 feet (i.e. they can access the topmost branches without ladders or lifts). A “Large Tree Classification” is granted to those who are engaged in tree and/or shrub trimming, maintenance, and removal that requires ladders or lifts.

Why does this matter when a tree is being installed? Planting trees correctly will help ensure their survival; working with a licensed individual or company will mean they have the expertise to give a tree a good head start in its new home.

3. Industry Certifications

A company that holds one or more industry certifications is one to be considered. These certifications are often expensive and require ongoing education. This means that a company is truly dedicated to its craft. Look for certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA); Powerline Safety; Cimber Safety; and AED and CPR certificates.

5. A Thorough Estimate

The tree service should provide a detailed written estimate of all work to be performed and all charges. This will prevent any surprises as the project progresses.

6. Referrals

Word of mouth is the best way to ensure that a tree service puts customers first. Check out the company’s online reviews, and in particular notice how they handle complaints and how they solve problems.

7. Comparison Shopping

Always get several bids, even if you like a tree service’s representative. Compare the scope of work along with the costs and time estimates. Don’t automatically choose the low bidder; while many tree planting projects are straightforward, this is a case where expertise counts for a lot. You want someone who has experience in installing mature trees.

8. Job Safety

As you go through a company’s referrals, ask about job safety. Did all tree service employees wear protective gear? Did they follow safety protocols? Was the tree installation (and/or removal) area clearly marked?

As your tree care pros add a tree or several to your property, they will also be skilled in assessing any damage or emerging issues, and will act swiftly to ensure the tree’s survival.


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