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4 Impactful Masonry Features to Consider for Your Landscaping Overhaul in the Weston, MA, Area

4 Impactful Masonry Features to Consider for Your Landscaping Overhaul in the Weston, MA, Area

You may find yourself often looking at your outdoor space and trying to think of ways to make it even better. Special masonry features added to your Weston, MA, landscape could be transformative in terms of how it looks and how you use it. Here are four masonry features that would give your landscaping a significant style upgrade:

Paver Patio

If your property lacks a patio or you want to replace your basic poured concrete patio with a more stylish option, it may be time to consider an upgrade to a paver patio. This is where the main activities of your landscape—dining outdoors, entertaining friends—can take place. The wide range of paver styles available make for practically endless possibilities for style options, whether you prefer a classic look (such as small square pavers that resemble red brick) or a more modern, sleeker appearance for your patio.


Pavers could also provide a long-overdue upgrade to your existing walkways or give you another route to take from your driveway to your pool deck. Your landscape contractor can work with you to design the ideal walkway and create a plan that produces a helpful pathway for you and your family to use. Should it have the same pavers as your patio, for a uniform aesthetic, or would you prefer a bolder look? The choices available make the landscape design process an enjoyable one.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are primarily known for preventing soil erosion and water flow from negatively affecting a home’s foundation, so they are often considered useful additions to a landscape. However, people also add retaining walls to their property to section off an entertaining spot or to provide a seating wall for people to sit on. Adding a retaining wall to your property may serve a few different purposes at the same time, and is an impactful masonry feature to consider. You can make the retaining wall a large enclosure if you want to create a private entertaining spot or have your masonry professionals build a smaller retaining wall if your main objective is adding more seating options to your backyard patio.


Consider bringing an elegant feature to your property by hiring a landscape contractor to build a new paver driveway on your property. When properly constructed, this type of driveway is durable and visually pleasing all at the same time. Your masonry professional will show you various driveway construction options and you can choose the style that best suits the exterior aesthetics of your home.


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