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5 Landscaping Projects to Consider This Summer in the Weston and Lexington, MA, Areas

5 Landscaping Projects to Consider This Summer in the Weston and Lexington, MA, Areas

As you enjoy the warm summer months, it’s the perfect time to think about how to make the most of your outdoor space in Weston and Lexington, MA. Let the joys of your outdoor space, and those of your family and friends, inspire you to consider new landscaping projects and ways to improve your outdoor experience. With a few creative ideas, you can make your outdoor space the perfect place to relax, entertain, and enjoy.

Bring the Kitchen Outside

Upgrading from a simple grill area to an outdoor kitchen can transform your experience of your outdoor space. With a larger grill island, or even other features like a pizza oven or an outdoor bar, you can eliminate the hassle of running back and forth to the kitchen, and bring more of your cooking outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen will also make your outdoor space better for entertaining, since you won’t have to be apart from the party while you take care of the food and drinks. You can even involve your guests in the cooking with a cocktail demo, or a fun make-your-own-pizza evening.

Sink into Luxury With a Pool

Adding a pool can immediately take your backyard from likeable to luxury. Having a pool in your outdoor space screams summer fun, and makes your backyard the place where everyone wants to be when the weather warms up. It can also create opportunities to spend more time with your kids, making space for swimming days and even pool parties.

When it comes to installing a pool, also consider any features and upgrades you’d like to include. For instance, adding a spa can make the perfect place for you and your partner to have a relaxing evening, even while the kids are throwing beach balls on the other side.

Get Creative With Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting offers a number of opportunities to make subtle changes that transform the look and feel of your outdoor space. This is also a great way to impress guests who come to spend the evening in your backyard, and have them noticing features they never took note of before.

You can incorporate outdoor lighting in a variety of different forms, such as installing path lighting to increase the safety of your yard and highlight the graceful shapes of your walkways, or wall grazing lights that can highlight the textures and colors of your home’s beautiful surfaces.

Refresh Your Patio

If your poured concrete patio isn’t making your outdoor space stand out, it may be time for a makeover. Consider an entirely new shape for your patio, made of high-quality concrete pavers and accompanied by a seating stone wall.

When envisioning patio ideas, it’s often helpful to think about how your patio fits into the larger design of your outdoor space. Will you create a sense of tranquility with a water feature in the middle? Can additional plantings emphasize the shape of your patio? Your landscapers can work with you to create the patio design that perfectly complements and enhances other elements of your landscape.

Upgrade Your Driveway

Your driveway may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to landscaping projects, but as the first impression of your landscape, its design is crucial. Incorporating high-quality pavers can transform your driveway into an eye-catching feature of your overall landscaping.


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