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5 Masonry Design Ideas to Incorporate in a Paver Patio Project in Lexington, MA

Top 5 Masonry Design Ideas to Incorporate in a Paver Patio Project in Lexington, MA

A landscape renovation is exciting, and adding a few masonry features to your patio can transform a boring space into an outdoor relaxation and entertaining space you will be excited to use. Wondering what you can do to make your patio perfect for you? Here are 5 masonry design ideas to incorporate in a paver patio project in Lexington, MA.

A Seat Wall

Give your patio an outdoor living room feel by enclosing it with a seat wall. The wall will define the space visually; and no matter the size of your patio, it will add to an uncluttered look when you are hosting a party, because the wall can serve as overflow seating.

Fire Features

Fire brings people together; no other feature other than an outdoor kitchen has this kind of draw. Add one, two, or even three fire features to your outdoor living space, for year-round comfort. Adding fire is actually extremely cost effective since it will encourage you to use your outdoor space year-round, rather than a few short months in the summer. Here are some choices:

A fire pit evokes the campfire feel. A fire pit is best positioned at the edge of a patio (out of the traffic) or in another part of the landscape, more as a destination than a prominent patio feature.

A fire table is ideal for outdoor gatherings. This gas-fueled fire feature is large enough for dining, and it can replace a patio dining set in favor of a chic feature that marries the delights of fire with the joys of sharing meals with family and friends.

An outdoor fireplace offers amazing design flexibility and helps blur the line between your patio and your living room. Whether it’s incorporated into a retaining wall, an outdoor kitchen, or a pergola; or whether it’s a standalone focal point, it is sure to become a key gathering spot.

If you want pure dama, opt for a fire bowl set on top of a masonry pillar. Twin pillars can be used to frame a view, or they can be positioned at the entry to your patio for dramatic effect.

An Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking and dining under the open skies is what outdoor living is all about. The base of your outdoor kitchen will integrate beautifully into the hardscape and give your grill a finished look. Add a peninsula bar for more workspace and a place for guests to sit while you prepare a delicious meal.

A wood-fired pizza oven is one of the most treasured elements in an outdoor kitchen. A masonry pizza oven will become everyone’s favorite; and the heat it gives off will help to keep your patio warm on chilly days.

Water Features

The tranquil sounds of moving water can add to the ambience of your patio. Masonry water features make water a fully integrated aspect of your outdoor living space. Water could cascade over the top of a retaining wall into a pondless catch basin filled with decorative stones; or, it could flow out of Roman-style spouts embedded into a retaining wall. There are so many creative ways to add water (even in a small space). Using masonry gives you many more design options than you would have with a premade fountain.


If your patio design calls for a pergola, be sure to set it on masonry pillars that use the same materials as other vertical elements (a retaining wall, fire feature, outdoor kitchen, etc.) for a cohesive look.


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