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5 Masonry Ideas to Include on Your Holiday Wish List in Lexington and Swampscott, MA

5 Masonry Ideas to Include on Your Holiday Wish List in Lexington and Swampscott, MA

As you are brainstorming ideas to fill your holiday wish list, why not consider adding some expert masonry for your landscape to the list? New landscaping features could redefine your outdoor living space, while creating new and exciting entertainment areas for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy. We’ve put together five masonry ideas to include on your holiday wish list in Lexington and Swampscott, MA.

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are versatile, attractive fire features that can completely transform how you view your outdoor space. Either one will compel you to spend more time outside, even on cooler evenings when you previously wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving the warmth of your house. Whether you are enjoying the warmth of the fire on a cool fall night, sipping on cider and telling ghost stories with family, or hosting a summer soiree with friends, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will quickly become the focal point of all your outdoor get-togethers.

Paver Patio

Elevate your outdoor parties by adding a paver patio to your outdoor space. Pavers add elegance to a backyard and can be used to connect various gathering areas, such as the outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen. With long-lasting and top quality pavers, your holiday gift of a paver patio to yourself will last for many more holidays to come.

Updated Front Walkway

If you’ve been thinking about having a new walkway constructed, there are some things you will want to know to ensure that this walkway can be as functional and beautiful as possible. Our team can work with you to design the walkway to your liking, and ensure a smooth design/build process. Your entrance walkway is one of the first masonry features your guests will see in your outdoor space—updated with concrete pavers that closely resemble natural stone, your walkway will make a lasting impression.

The material selection of your walkway may depend on the other features in your landscaping, such as your paver patio. Edging blocks can ensure the integrity of your walkway while also providing a clear, safe definition for anyone walking through your landscape.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great addition to your holiday wish list, as they have multiple uses. Not only do retaining walls add a fresh new look to your outdoor space, but they can also be used as seating around your paver patio, and can house gardening plants. If your outdoor space is prone to water collecting on your lawn and drainage issues, tiered retaining walls can serve a more functional purpose and keep water problems at bay.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen would allow you to bring all the fun of cooking outside. Barbecue nights in the summer will never be the same when you bring the convenience of cooking, food storage, and even cleaning outside. Include a pizza oven on your list, and you can host pizza parties on Friday evenings. With stain-resistant patio pavers underfoot, you won’t have to stress about the inevitable spills. You can instead fully focus on your culinary expertise and its delicious rewards.


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