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Extend Your Day Long Into Night With These 6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Wenham and Swampscott, MA

Extend Your Day Long Into Night With These 6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas in Wenham and Swampscott, MA

There’s nothing quite like enjoying your outdoor space at night in Wenham and Swampscott, MA. When the sun goes down, outdoor lighting can transform your landscape into the perfect place for relaxing, spending time with family, and entertaining. In order to achieve the feeling you want in your outdoor space, it’s important to be intentional with outdoor lighting, and consider various ideas and options for your space.

Feel the Glow of a Fire

A fire feature, whether it’s an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, will become the main focal point for entertaining, or peaceful nights outside. Consider designing an entire outdoor area around your fire feature, such as a patio with seating around a fire pit, or an area with comfy couches near an outdoor fireplace.

Since the beginning of time, people have been attracted to the light of a flickering flame, and that magic pull remains in effect today. A fire feature can define the atmosphere of your outdoor space with a warm glow.

Focus on Key Outdoor Spaces

When envisioning your outdoor lighting strategy, think about the spaces you look forward to using at night. Are you excited to relax by the glow of your pool, or host game nights under your pavilion? Your lighting strategy can center around these spaces, with consideration for what the light should look like and general brightness levels, in terms of how well you will need to see.

While a central light fixture may be the perfect light source for some spaces, others may require less light. If you have more open outdoor areas, consider using lighting around the perimeters, or in key locations throughout the area to create the perfect nighttime lighting effects.

Pay Attention to Walkway Lighting

Lighting the walkways in your outdoor space is essential for both safety and style. In addition to making your outdoor space accessible, walkway lighting will help to define and connect the different areas in your outdoor space.

When browsing potential light options for the walkway, consider outdoor lighting fixtures that will complement other elements of your outdoor style. In addition, pay attention to the height of your outdoor lights—it will determine the amount of light they add to your outdoor space.

Complement the Architecture of Your Home

In a lighting technique called grazing, lights are placed on a wall or other textured surface, highlighting the texture of the surface, and providing light to the area around it. This can provide a great way to transition from your indoor to outdoor spaces, by integrating elements of your home into your landscape design.

Grazing can be a great way to provide subtle lighting to areas of your outdoor space. There are a variety of ways to implement this technique, including with light fixtures that point light either upward or downward along a stone wall.

Keep the Lighting Strategy Minimal

One personal preference when creating your idea of the perfect outdoor lighting strategy is to provide enough light without causing light pollution. Outdoor spaces don’t need as much light at night as they get during the day, of course, so you may view it as necessary to keep your lighting minimal.

For this strategy, when creating a glowy, modern feeling, it can be a good idea to use hidden light sources, while a more rustic outdoor design can use key light fixtures that help to define the atmosphere.


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