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Find the Right Match When Searching “Tree Services Near Me” in Lexington and Swampscott, MA

Find the Right Match When Searching “Tree Services Near Me” in Lexington and Swampscott, MA

If you have beautiful shade trees in your Lexington and Swampscott, MA, area landscape, you want these natural elements to look their best. You may even have been searching “tree services near me” online to get the tree services you need for your property. In order to choose the right landscaping company to handle your tree service needs, here are some things to look for:

Services Offered

Landscape companies tend to list their services on their website or at least will tell you what they can do for you when you contact them. While some companies may offer tree services, the extent of those services may be limited. For example, some landscaping companies may only offer simple pruning and trimming services for shrubs and small trees. If you have large evergreens and maple trees on your property, you may want to make sure the landscaping company can trim and cut branches on trees of this size.


The calendars of reputable landscaping companies often fill up quickly. Therefore, as you search for a local landscaping company to perform tree services on your property, make sure these professionals are available and can visit your property in the near future. Ask about availability as well as how long the entire tree trimming process will take to complete.

Customer Reviews

When choosing a new landscaping company, you may want to include customer reviews in your due diligence. Factors such as timeliness, completion of services, and customer service could be addressed in the evaluations, so you could look out for concerns or praises that are consistently raised by past customers. At the same time, keep in mind that not all customer reviews may be legitimate; it’s just one of several ways to research a service provider.

Experienced Team Members

Another factor to consider when choosing a company to handle tree services on your property is the level of experience the company and its employees offer to customers. Inquire as to how long the company has been in business. You can also ask if a majority of the team members have been with the company for a while. In addition, ask about any industry certifications the company may hold which may provide insight into their experience level. A tree service company that has an experienced team will get the job done quickly and do so in the right way.

Equipment Used

When you contact different landscaping companies to inquire about tree services, you could ask them what type of equipment they use. You may want to choose a landscaper that uses the latest equipment and has the right type of equipment to trim your trees safely and efficiently. This is why it may be best to go with a landscaping company that offers a lot of different tree services as they’ll likely have plenty of heavy duty tree trimming equipment to get the job done.


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