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How a Snow Removal Company Keeps the Landscaping Looking Great After Snow Melts in Weston, MA

How a Snow Removal Company Keeps the Landscaping Looking Great After Snow Melts

It’s important to have your home’s landscaping cared for year-round. From snow removal services in the winter to landscaping services in the heat of summer, you want your Weston, MA, property to be in the best shape it can, depending on the weather and the season—yet the winter months can make this difficult. Fortunately, a snow removal company can keep your landscape looking great after the snow has melted. Here’s how:

Uses Landscape-Safe Products

When the snow removal company puts down de-icing products and other snow removal products, you want the team members to be mindful of what they use on the property. Certain de-icing products can cause damage in some cases to grass, flowers, and foliage surrounding walkways, patios, and driveways. The snow removal company could either use alternative methods when managing the snow and ice on your property or at least minimize their use near plantings and the lawn.

Plows Snow with Masonry Features in Mind

The snow removal company will ideally operate their snow plows and use their shovels and snow blowers with your masonry features in mind. This type of heavy-duty equipment, if not used properly, could cause issues for water fountains and retaining walls, for example. Fortunately, snow removal experts tend to make a point of knowing where various features begin and end, including walkways and driveways, so that they can proceed with caution.

Uses Caution Around Garden Areas

Garden areas may be hidden underneath all the snow. So, it’s important that the snow removal company knows where these areas are so as not to go too far with their snow blowers or shovels. You want your lovely plantings to be in the same condition they were prior to the winter snowy season. If the snow removal company uses caution while removing snow in these areas, you can anticipate beautiful blooms once again when the warm weather season returns.

Clears Snow on Hard Surfaces, Not Grass

Another way the snow removal company can keep your landscape looking great after the snowy season is to keep the snow-clearing duties to paver features and other hard surfaces. By avoiding the grass, they can ensure proper growth when the grass comes out of dormancy in springtime.

Handles Both Snow Removal and Landscaping

When your snow removal company handles your landscaping services, too, you’ll be more relaxed knowing they know your property. When a company handles all types of landscaping services, you could have just one company to deal with year-round. This is especially convenient for you but it also helps the company get to know your property well. The team members may know exactly where your water features are on the property when they’re shoveling. This type of knowledge helps ensure your snow removal company will complete every job with caution in mind concerning the structures on your property and keep your landscaping looking great long after the snow has melted.


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