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How Tree Services Near Me Address These 7 Landscaping Problem Areas in Swampscott, MA

Tree Services Near Me Swampscott MA - These 7 Landscaping Problem Areas

Trees are such important landscape elements, for so many reasons. They are not only beautiful, but functional as well. But, sometimes even the most well-kept landscape can have some challenges. In some cases, trees could be the problem, and in some cases, they’re the best solution. Here’s how tree services near me address these 7 landscaping problem areas in Swampscott, MA.

1. Lack of Privacy

A dense stand of evergreen trees is a great way to create a gorgeous living wall that offers privacy without the boxed-in feeling of a privacy fence. The key is to plant the trees (such as cypress) with enough room to grow as they mature, which means temporary privacy measures will need to be taken until the living wall “grows in.” But once the gaps between the trees have filled in, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and functional living wall.

2. Obstructed Views

If an overgrown tree has obstructed a particularly beautiful view, you may be tempted to leave things well enough alone and potentially make the best of the view by placing a seating area just beyond the tree, and enjoy the shelter of the tree while you’re at it. But if a tree blocks a critical view such as the view from the driveway onto the street, or the view of your front door, then some drastic pruning may be necessary for the sake of safety.

3. Trees Too Close To the Home

If a tree is too close to the home - and especially if it is leaning toward the home, or its branches are touching the home - then pruning or removal will be necessary, as the result of a tree falling on the home could be catastrophic. Trees that overhang the roof can cause clogged gutters every time the wind knocks pine needles into the gutters, and of course in the fall when the leaves drop. As well, tree roots too close to the home could cause structural damage, or damage to water or sewer lines (any time there’s a junction in a pipe, or the tiniest crack, tree roots can infiltrate the crack; and fueled by the extra moisture, grow rapidly).

4. Lack of Shade/High Cooling Costs

Any time the south or west sides of your home are exposed to the sun, you can expect higher cooling bills in the summer. Planting several shade trees in these key areas will provide shade that can dramatically reduce your electricity usage throughout the summer. Choose deciduous trees for this purpose, as you will want the solar heat in fall and winter.

5. Too Much Wind

Nothing is less appealing than trying to enjoy time on the patio when you’re being buffeted by strong winds, especially in the cooler months. Planting a dense stand of evergreen trees such as spruces can provide an excellent windbreak that will keep your outdoor living space much cozier when the wind blows.

6. Dangerous Limbs

Nobody wants to knock their heads on low-lying limbs as they move along a walkway - or have their cars scraped by tree branches that overhang the driveway. A good pruning will make any pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas free from obstructions.

7. Erosion

While trees can’t control the flow of water, they can to some extent slow the movement of soil. Planting trees on a slope is one way to help prevent erosion, especially as the trees create a root network that helps hold soil in place.

Tree work is inherently hazardous, so be sure to use a reputable tree service for your tree work.


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