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Keep Your Surroundings Timeless With These Landscaping Ideas in Lexington and Lynnfield, MA

Keep Your Surroundings Timeless With These Landscaping Ideas in Lexington and Lynnfield, MA

There may be times you want to add character and new landscaping features to your landscape yet you want to keep the overall look classic and timeless. Fortunately, there are many ways to do so. Here are some landscaping ideas for your Lexington and Lynnfield, MA, area property that will provide you with enjoyment every time you gaze outside:

Colorful Plantings

The addition of colorful plantings along the side of your paver driveway or adjoining your paver walkways can bring a classic and welcome look to your landscape. Flower planters along your front porch and by the pool patio can help to establish a cohesive look and feel to your landscape. If you have a pavilion or pergola in your side yard, consider adding creeping vines to this structure that bloom vibrantly colored flowers at various times throughout the years. The natural aspect of colorful plantings will bring cheerfulness and joy to all who see your exquisite gardens and floral displays.

An Ideal Gathering Spot

Expert masonry features can be chosen to establish the best place to spend your free time with loved ones. Surrounded by a beautiful retaining wall that doubles as extra seating, a fire pit by an outdoor kitchen can create the ultimate entertainment destination in your yard. This is where you can host pool parties, movie nights, and cocktail parties for your friends to enjoy. Outdoor gathering areas, based around a paver patio, are timeless and well worth the time and thought put into them.

Outdoor Lighting That Offers Ambience

When you add outdoor lighting around your property you can offer an ambience that appeals to your family as well as your guests. Include outdoor lighting along your walkways and by your driveway entrance for a truly welcoming vibe. Keep the pool party going when the sun goes down by asking the landscape contractor to install outdoor lights around your pool patio. If you have garden areas around your home that you are particularly proud of, shine some light on these lovely plantings so people can enjoy them under the stars. You can also use outdoor lighting to highlight your favorite shade trees and use a spotlight technique to brighten up the trees.

A Useful and Visually Pleasing Retaining Wall

Another elegant property feature to add to your landscape is a retaining wall. Although these masonry features are often used for erosion control and to delineate property lines, the structures can be made to be beautiful, too. These masonry creations can surround your backyard patio or fire pit area in your side yard. When you add a retaining wall to your property, you’re also providing extra seating spots when you have a large party and don’t have enough chairs and lounges to accommodate all your guests. You can give the retaining walls a natural vibe by adding plantings on top of the structure or on either side of it. Include flowering vines that drape over top of the retaining wall or add planters at the base of the wall on each side and fill them with colorful flowers and vibrant greenery.


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