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Landscaping Ideas That Encourage Long Hours Outside Enjoying the Fresh Air in Weston and Boxford, MA

Landscaping Ideas That Encourage Long Hours Outside Enjoying the Fresh Air in Weston and Boxford, MA

It’s so beneficial to be outside in the fresh air whenever possible. When you add landscaping features to your property, you can enhance this enjoyment even more. From colorful plantings to ambient lighting, there are many ways to add style and utility to your Weston and Boxford, MA, landscape. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Add Lovely Garden Areas

By adding new garden areas to your landscape, you would be giving yourself new reasons to go outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer, as you will want to be outside taking in these lovely sights whenever possible. You may also find that you enjoy cutting some of these flowers as it is a relaxing and rewarding way to enjoy your surroundings. The delightful sights of annuals and perennials and greenery do not have to be relegated to flower beds but could be installed to dress up paver walkways, and give guests and family members a welcoming approach to your home.

Build a Paver Patio

When they include add-on features, paver patios can offer daily hours of enjoyment. You can add an outdoor dining table and chairs to the paver patio and sit at the table while working from home or enjoying your morning coffee. The paver patio is also an excellent spot to host parties and family gatherings. An adjacent outdoor kitchen would give you a convenient way to indulge in alfresco dining when the weather turns warmer.

Include a Useful, Eye-Catching Retaining Wall

When you decide to add a retaining wall to your landscape, you can expand your outdoor seating options and always have a place for friends and family members to gather. Add a fire pit to your backyard along with the retaining wall and you can spend many wonderful evenings gathering by the crackling fire with friends and loved ones—you will have plenty of places for them to sit. The retaining wall will provide extra seats but also offer a semi-sheltered area as the fire could be protected from the wind if the wall is high enough. The retaining wall may also be able to provide you with more open space for a garden area.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Don’t just reserve time outside for the daylight hours. A specially implemented outdoor lighting plan around your landscape opens up the possibilities for more fun and admiration of the view long into the night. If you have a large backyard and lawn area, a spotlight can provide just what you need for evening volleyball games or an evening game of catch. Outdoor lights included in your garden areas and around water features on your property will enable you to see these beautiful features when the stars are out as well as when the sun is shining.


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