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Masonry Ideas: 6 Retaining Wall Options for Sloped Backyards in Swampscott and Weston, MA

Masonry Ideas: 6 Retaining Wall Options for Sloped Backyards in Swampscott and Weston, MA

A sloping backyard can cause issues in terms of being able to fully maximize your outdoor spaces in Swampscott and Weston, MA. Expert construction of a retaining wall could open up more functional space and also create visual interest. Here’s how a retaining wall could be incorporated in your backyard.

Along Sophisticated Steps and Elegant Walkways

A sloped backyard can present its share of challenges when a landscape design is first being devised, but out-of-the-box thinking can lead to solutions that can have stunning effects. An elegant, elevated walkway could offer a unique intricate design effect, supported visually by stone walls that help to create a tiered outdoor living space in addition to erosion control. The walkways are perfect for backyard weddings, a stroll with your loved one, or a brief retreat from everyday stress-right in your own backyard.

Stunning Raised Flower Beds

To break up the expanse of lawn or or create more usable space in a sloped yard, a raised flower bed supported by retaining walls could be the answer. After all, a raised flower bed adds charm and sophistication to any backyard. Because the wall adds step-like layers to the terrain, alternating and varying the types and colors of plants can each achieve their well-deserved view.

Unique Sitting Wall

Seating doesn’t have to be limited to the chairs in your backyard. A retaining wall offers options for seating that becomes both functional and beautiful, by creating an inviting space for relaxation. Complement the stone wall by an outdoor fireplace also made of high-quality materials, and you’ll always have a wonderful view. While seating can be tricky in a backyard with a slope, a wall adds a sturdy space to rest and enjoy the surroundings.

For someone who entertains outdoors, such seating provided by a retaining wall creates opportunities for guests to mingle in smaller groups and enjoy the entire backyard space. Even if large gatherings or dinner parties aren't regular occasions, retaining wall seating allows you to wow guests at even the smallest of gatherings.

Beautiful Raised Patio

Paver patios are beautiful. With a raised patio, this area of your landscape could become a stunning focal point. A new retaining wall could help to bring attention to this spot. Consider outdoor lights strategically embedded into the wall sides for ambiance. Combine the patio with a sitting wall and outdoor fireplace, as mentioned above, and you have a primary spot to enjoy yourself every day.

Unique Driveways

Expert masonry can establish a unique driveway. Retaining walls can help to re-create a problematic, sloping driveway area while driveway pavers will ensure the longevity of this essential landscape feature. Incorporating outdoor lighting along the walls will brighten up any shadowy areas and give depth to the space.

A Functional and Stylish Drainage Solution

If your backyard experiences issues with drainage and pooling, retaining walls can help solve that problem. Using a tiered approach with the retaining walls will create pathways for the water to flow. Crushed stone and gravel are one way to allow the water to flow better. Another way is the weep holes within the walls themselves, giving the water purposeful places to run.


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