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The Start of a New Year Is the Perfect Time to Plan Landscaping Updates in Boxford and Topsfield, MA

The Start of a New Year Is the Perfect Time to Plan Landscaping Updates in Boxford and Topsfield, MA

As the new year begins, it may be the ideal time for exciting updates and improvements to your property. Landscaping additions can help take your property to a whole new level and create a visual that family members and visitors can enjoy. As you contemplate adding new landscaping features to your Boxford and Topsfield, MA, area property, keep the following possibilities in mind:

Update Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to bring out the beauty of your home’s exterior. Properly placed spotlights can highlight unique features of your home such as your welcoming front patio or the ornate railing on your side balcony. Outdoor lighting can also be added to your backyard patio to enable you to make even more use of this favorite gathering spot. You can add recessed lighting to the paver walkways surrounding your home to ensure easy navigability and to detail the lovely features of the stairway.

Add a Paver Patio

The new year may also be an ideal time to add a paver patio to your backyard, pool area, or front door entryway. Paver patios are popular gathering spots where you can host friends for cocktails and dinner or have a spot for game night with the family. You may even want to add a retaining wall at the same time the paver patio is built, to give you more flexibility for seating when hosting outdoor parties.

Redo Your Driveway

A new paver driveway is another property addition to consider. You can add elegance and utility to your property by having a paver driveway built leading up to your home. Choose from a wide array of styles and color tones for your driveway pavers and create a driveway that is as useful as it is eye-catching. Your landscape contractor could build a driveway that’s uniform in color tone and style or give your driveway design something extra by using multi-toned pavers or surrounding the driveway with a unique border composed of accent pavers in a distinct color and shape compared to the field pavers.

Improve Your Garden Areas

Now may be the perfect time to add new plantings to your garden. From beautiful blooms to privacy shrubs, landscaping experts can create a natural garden area that stands out. You may even be ready to add new shade trees to your property that offer protection from the bright sun in the summer and offer exquisite snow-covered visions in the winter. Your landscaping experts can create entirely new flower beds or bring a long-overdue refresh to your existing garden areas.

Add an Irrigation System

When you have an irrigation system installed, you would no longer have to worry about watering your plants and lawn during the warmer season months. You can set a timer and your irrigation system will automatically water your yard when you want it to do so. After all, if you take the time to add new plantings to your yard, you want to take that extra step to ensure these flowers, plants, and shrubs continue to thrive.


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