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Why Add a Paver Patio to a Home in the Wenham and Topsfield, MA Area?

Why Add a Paver Patio to a Home in the Wenham and Topsfield, MA Area?

Why add a paver patio to a home in the Wenham and Topsfield, MA area? If you’re weighing the options between a deck, a poured concrete slab, a pea gravel patio, or a paver patio, here are the reasons that might convince you that pavers are the best choice.

1. Added Value for You and Your Home

Most suburban lawns are woefully underused. They are beautiful, no doubt, but they require a lot of maintenance and water. Reducing the size of your lawn in favor of an outdoor living space that you will actually use, is a great investment. Take back your weekends, and have more fun with friends and family! The investment is amplified by the use of pavers, which are more durable than decks and poured concrete, and more elegant than pea gravel.

A well-designed, well-built paver patio adds significant value to your home especially when it comes with amenities like an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor kitchen.

2. Artistic Expression

A paver patio is an opportunity for artistic expression. Patio pavers come in a staggering array of styles, colors, textures, finishes, and sizes.

Hand-selected pavers, interesting laying patterns, and custom features like borders and inlays can customize the patio to your personal taste. Smooth, large-format pavers set in geometric patterns can complement a contemporary home. Earth-toned, textured pavers blend in with the natural surroundings and complement a more rustic home. Classic brick in a stunning herringbone pattern, or plank-style pavers in random widths and lengths, or flagstone-inspired pavers laid in a random ashlar pattern are just a few of the many artistic choices that pavers offer.

3. Easy Maintenance

Along with less mowing, how about a paver patio that is virtually maintenance-free? Most pavers require sealing every three years or so; but other than that, sweeping and power-washing are the only tasks necessary to keep your paver patio looking great. As well, pavers are extremely durable. They are impervious to the freeze-thaw cycle (unlike concrete slabs, which will crack). If one paver should break, it can be replaced without disturbing the rest of the surface. And, you can install a driveway heating system under your patio pavers, which will ensure a dry and safe surface all year long.

4. Expansion-Ready

An emerging trend is a series of interconnected patios, each with their unique purpose: an outdoor kitchen/dining area; a pergola-covered seating area; a fire pit area; and even a space to hang a hammock or lay a yoga mat. Each of these patios - which could be separated by an elevation change (one step up or down) or by different materials - can be visually part of the whole, yet retain their individual character. If you start off your patio design with this in mind, and deliberately select different pavers for each area, then you’ll be ready to add on to your patio using any material you want, and it will never look like an addition but a deliberate design choice.

5. The Conveniences of Home

A paver patio is the ideal place to add a fire pit; a water feature; a full outdoor kitchen; a pergola for afternoon shade; and smart technology in the form of landscape lighting and outdoor audio systems that blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

Unlike wood or composite decking, paver patios can withstand the demands of an outdoor kitchen, hot tub or pool area (just choose pavers that come factory sealed with a stain-resistant coating and that feature a non-slip surface. You can also place a fire feature directly on pavers without fear of fires or damage.


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