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3 Areas of Your Landscaping That Can Benefit From Irrigation in Winchester, MA

3 Areas of Your Landscaping That Can Benefit From Irrigation in Winchester, MA

Not having to worry about whether your landscaping in the Winchester, MA, area has enough water is definitely a benefit of having an irrigation system. Even more, smart irrigation systems can sense whether the soil has enough water and will only turn on when water is needed. This helps save water and is considered an eco-friendly solution.

Types of Irrigation Systems

There are various types of irrigation systems to choose from, including surface irrigation, drip irrigation, low-volume irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and sub-irrigation. Which type of system is ideal for your specific property depends on a variety of factors, and it’s best to consult a professional irrigation technician for their expertise. Here are some basic explanations of four of the more frequently used irrigation systems available.

Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is done by allowing water to soak into the dirt and reach the root system of plants. This type of system is often used on smaller properties. Using a hose, a sprinkler attachment, or a watering can are examples of surface irrigation. However, these systems can be set up to run automatically and are often more sophisticated and targeted than a sprinkler attached to a garden hose.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation delivers water via a low-pressure, low-volume irrigation system—essentially it drips, sprays, or streams but does not soak the soil. This system can be set up with special emitters to allow more or less water to certain plants, allowing for a more targeted approach to irrigation.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is pretty self-explanatory and simply involves a sprinkler system to deliver water. This type of system is ideal for large areas of land that need to be watered.


Lastly, sub-irrigation involves watering plants from below the ground rather than above the ground. With this type of system, tubes are placed below the soil to deliver water. This type of system is used in various applications, including in raised plant beds.

Here are some of the areas of your landscaping that can benefit from these various types of irrigation.

1. Lawn

A vibrantly green and lush lawn is the result of proper irrigation, as well as fertilization. Weather is unpredictable so if you want a lawn that is consistently healthy and green, you’ll likely need an irrigation system to make it happen. Since these systems deliver the appropriate amount of water to the root system, you don’t have to worry about water runoff that leads to soil erosion and presents even more issues.

2. Plant Beds

Being able to target specific areas that need to be watered is one of the great benefits of an irrigation system. In addition, irrigation systems can help reduce weed growth since only the areas of your landscape that need water will receive it. You can reach out to an irrigation specialist to create an irrigation plan for your plant beds.

3. Trees & Shrubs

Many homeowners tend to forget that trees and shrubs need to be watered, too. This is especially important when they are newly planted, but they can benefit from a good watering as all living things can, particularly during a hot spell. Many times, drip irrigation systems are used for this application because the slow flow of water can go straight to the root system where it’s needed.


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