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Create Versatile Outdoor Living Spaces With These 5 Landscaping Ideas in Topsfield & Winchester, MA

Create Versatile Outdoor Living Spaces With These 5 Landscaping Ideas in Topsfield and Winchester, MA

Some of the best summer memories can be made right in your backyard with friends and family, especially when your landscaping speaks to your family’s favorite activities and how each feature works together to create an unforgettable space. Before you get started in your landscape redevelopment, consider what’s been making waves in landscapes across the country so that you can establish versatile outdoor living spaces in Topsfield and Winchester, MA.

The Best in Outdoor Dining

In order to keep the fun outside and make some spectacular meals to share with family and friends, you may need an outdoor kitchen that’s customized to the way you like to cook and entertain.

The outdoor kitchen could be directly adjacent to the outdoor dining space, whether they are integrated (an outdoor kitchen with bar seating) or separate.

If you like the layout of your indoor kitchen, then this could be a good start for your outdoor kitchen design—with one change: only include appliances and amenities you’ll use regularly outdoors.

You could place your outdoor kitchen in a spot with easy traffic flow in and out. This could be centrally located on your patio or off to one side. Just make sure that there are no low-activity zones in the way of this traffic.


A hot trend is to reduce the size of the lawn and create a series of smaller patios that are either immediately adjacent to each other (but perhaps one step up or down), or separated by walkways. The effect is that of a series of outdoor rooms—and just like rooms in your house, each patio would have its own intended use and character. This approach makes even a small backyard feel luxurious and well thought out, especially if each patio is surrounded by beautiful plantings. And, if you’re not a fan of lawn care, this expanded outdoor living space configuration will reduce your lawn chores significantly.

The Warmth of a Fire

As summer winds down, a masonry fire feature will encourage use of your patio well into the colder months. A fire pit, a fire table, or an outdoor fireplace is an excellent choice as you finalize your outdoor design.

Take things up a notch with two fire features: an outdoor fireplace on the patio to create an outdoor living room, and a more remote fire pit area if your backyard is large. This creates two very cozy destinations that will always draw a crowd.

The Beauty of Water

Many of us view our backyard as an escape from the rest of the world. A water fountain or a waterfall will help to drown out sounds from the outside world and create a gentle background noise that helps you stay in the moment. A water wall or rain curtain can do double duty in adding privacy to your patio—these are especially wonderful features to place next to an outdoor dining or lounge area.

The Necessity of Shelter

Even though your home might be within a few feet, you may want to avoid anyone having to make a dash for the back door every time bad weather rolls in. A permanent shelter such as a pavilion can continue to provide comfort even when the weather doesn’t agree with your plans. With a closed roof and open walls, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You shelter all or some of your outdoor living activities; and a gas-fired fire feature will keep things cozy in almost any weather.


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