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Your Weston, MA, Paver Patio Won’t Be Complete Without These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Your Weston, MA, Paver Patio Won’t Be Complete Without These Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Adding attractive outdoor lighting can really transform your paver patio. But choosing the best option for your landscape from all the outdoor lighting ideas available to you in Weston, MA, can be overwhelming at first. We’ve condensed many of the possibilities into a convenient list for you here.

Rope Lights

Rope lights add a subtle definition to sidewalks and pathways and can help you and your guests keep your footing when it’s dark outside. This outdoor lighting option can also be used to line the edges of a paver patio that does not have a retaining wall around, to help prevent anyone from stepping off the elevated pavers.

Step Lights

For outdoor stairs from your house to your patio and/or from your patio to your yard, step lights can be both a beautiful addition and a safety feature. These lights are usually fairly flat and are affixed to the vertical area between each step. Their glow illuminates each step so that you and your guests can safely ascend or descend in the dark.

Well Lights

Also referred to as recessed ground lights, well lights are installed to be flat against the ground and are usually aimed at trees, other attractive yard features, or the house itself, in order to both increase the light in the yard at night and draw viewers’ attention to the most aesthetically pleasing parts of your landscape.

Pathway Lights

While rope lights can be used to line a walkway, small hanging lanterns attached to short stakes can also be installed in the ground around the edges of a path to light the way for those walking in the evening. When this type of outdoor lighting is professionally installed, the lights are uniformly aligned and have a beautiful, illuminative effect.


Torches, usually mounted on top of poles or stakes, can be a great addition to a pool patio or around a yard for a little extra visibility all year round. These can be built-in or movable as suits your needs. For a more sleek effect, you could consider the addition of fire bowls to your landscape, atop beautiful stone pillars.

Hardscape Lights

Hardscape lights are usually hidden in hardscape fixtures so that you see the light produced but not the fixture it comes from. These can be a wonderful addition to low patio walls and can add a stately flair to your paver patio.

String Lights

These lights come in a variety of styles. Various kinds of bulbs or small lanterns can be used for these, but perhaps the most popular kind is the vintage Edison bulb. The bulbs or lanterns are hung on a cord and strung around the ceiling or between poles or trees to create the illusion of a ceiling. This option tends to have a more casual appearance and is not a long-lasting solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

Mounted Lanterns

Lanterns can be attached to walls, hung from the ceiling, or mounted on poles. These come in a variety of colors and designs. No matter what look and feel you are hoping to create for your patio, there is likely an ideal lantern type that will suit your design preferences out there.

With expert help and ideas for an outdoor lighting plan that fits your style preferences and the unique needs of your landscape, you can extend the amount of time you spend outside enjoying your outdoor living space.


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