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4 Built-In Masonry Features to Increase Functionality in the Boxford and Weston, MA Areas

4 Built-In Masonry Features to Increase Functionality in the Boxford and Weston, MA Areas

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you likely want to make your landscape as functional as possible. Whether you enjoy lounging by your pool or sitting in your backyard reading a good book, there are ways to make your outdoor adventures even better. With one or more of these four masonry features added to your Boxford and Weston, MA, area property, you can get full use of your outdoor space:

Paver Patio

By adding a paver patio to your property, you can extend the space of your home to include the outdoor areas as well. Think of the unlimited entertaining options you’ll gain by adding a paver patio to the area outside your back door. You can have a paver patio built at the front entryway to your home to provide a welcome visual to all who visit your house. Also, when you have a paver patio built in your yard, you now have an ideal spot to sit and enjoy your morning coffee as the birds and butterflies visit your garden area and provide you with a peaceful spot to relax without going more than a few steps from your back door.


Maybe you need a walkway to lead from your back porch out to the cozy fire pit area in your side yard. A paver walkway can provide you with the designated path you need to get around your property with ease. You might also want to connect your house with your pool patio area by adding a paver walkway to the property. As your walkways are being built, consider adding outdoor lighting along the path so these masonry features can be used day and night.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can provide extra seating and privacy to various spots around your property. Add a retaining wall to your patio perimeter to achieve both goals. If you want to give your property an elegant vibe, add a retaining wall along the length of your property at the roadway border and include majestic columns at your driveway entrance. You can ask the landscape contractor to add outdoor lighting to the top of the retaining wall for an extra beautiful component and put outdoor lights at the driveway entrance for visibility at nighttime. Retaining walls are also helpful additions around your pool patio or by your fire pit as they offer extra seating during outdoor parties.

Paver Driveway

A paver driveway will add an elegant touch to your landscape. This type of masonry feature offers a sturdy entrance to your property as well as provides eye-catching appeal. The driveway can be constructed of all the same pavers for a uniform look or you could use different paver styles for the field and border pavers, to give this entranceway feature a unique look. You can have the paver driveway match the walkway at the front of your home to enable the masonry features to mesh well together.


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