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These Masonry Features Can Transform Outdoor Living Experiences in Topsfield and Lexington, MA

These Masonry Features Can Transform Outdoor Living Experiences in the Topsfield and Lexington, MA, Areas

Expertly designed and built masonry features can be transformative for the many ways you can use your outdoor spaces, and also in terms of how they can significantly elevate your outside view. In the Topsfield and Lexington, MA, area, some masonry additions can be subtle and purely functional, to spruce up an area and address soil erosion issues, or the feature could be much more noticeable, such as a complete outdoor living area centered around a paver patio. Here are some more specific ideas:

Paver Walkway

A new paver walkway could give your landscape a revamped look. You can choose an elegant herringbone design for your brick-size paver walkway or opt for a more modern look with rectangular pavers. If you are adding multiple walkways to your property, you can choose the same style and paver color tone to give your property a uniform look. However, if you are adding a paver walkway to the front of your home and another one connecting your back patio to your pool deck, you can use different style designs and aren’t restricted to using the same paver walkway pattern.

Paver Patio

Many landscape transformations start with ideas for the paver patio, whether it will be the hub of entertainment in your neighborhood or a place just for your immediate family where you will cook, dine, and relax after long days. You could select a paver color that works well with your home’s exterior and brings together the entire look of your backyard or front door entryway. If you’re having a paver walkway built at the same time, you can make these two styles identical so they blend well in the same space.

Retaining Wall

With the addition of a retaining wall, you can fulfill a variety of purposes. The retaining wall can be used to help prevent soil erosion and flooding of your yard. This type of masonry feature can also help protect your home’s foundation by keeping water and soil where it needs to be. In addition, a retaining wall can add an eye-catching visual to your property. You can have this wall built alongside your paver patio or constructed along your driveway. The retaining wall also makes for an excellent added seating spot next to your patio and outdoor entertaining space.

Paver Driveway

A paver driveway is a beneficial choice for a few different reasons. This type of driveway could give your property an upscale, elegant look. In addition, a paver driveway is a low maintenance option when compared with poured concrete or asphalt. When you add a paver driveway to your home, the end result is a durable, long-lasting construction that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Premium pavers ensure the longevity of such driveways along with their visually pleasing appearance.


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