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5 Masonry Ideas for More Enjoyable Backyard Living in Boxford and Lynnfield, MA

5 Masonry Ideas for More Enjoyable Backyard Living in Boxford and Lynnfield, MA

A well-designed backyard can become an extension of your indoor living space. It can provide you with the same comfort and tranquility that you experience inside, with more space to entertain in Boxford and Lynnfield, MA. If you are looking for masonry ideas to make your backyard living more enjoyable, here are five ideas that will make it much more comfortable when you go outside.

A Paver or Natural Stone Patio

Designate the hub of your outdoor living experience and make it elegant with a natural stone or paver patio. Adding a shade structure such as a pergola to your patio will help protect you and your guests from the sun and potentially inclement weather if you opt for a pavilion. Why let the rain ever stop a party from continuing?

A covered patio would keep your patio furniture dry and protected from damage from being exposed to the sun. Make this area intimate and introduce more privacy with the addition of curtains on your pergola or a retaining wall around the patio.

A Retaining Wall

There are several ways of incorporating a retaining wall into your backyard. While such walls often serve a primarily functional purpose, they could also be constructed to serve as a complementary masonry feature to the patio or to encase landscaping beds. A raised landscaping bed could enhance the color and beauty of your backyard. Incorporate outdoor lighting in your retaining walls to set the ambiance on a cool evening by your fire pit.

An Elegant Walkway

When planning on incorporating a new or improved walkway, plan to use high-quality stone or pavers that complement the other features in your current landscape. You may also consider a walkway that stands out by using a mixture of contrasting colors or sizes for your pavers to help your walkway stand out from your patio and other elements of your backyard living space. You may even want to consider a curving walkway that shows off the beauty and charm of your pavers as your guests stroll and anticipate what’s around the corner.

An Outdoor Fireplace

The addition of an outdoor fireplace is a clear way to transform an outdoor space, making any backyard more enjoyable. The warmth it provides, plus the calming ambiance it gives off, is always a plus. Strategically arrange outdoor seating to make your outdoor fireplace a focal point of your outdoor space. The materials chosen could perfectly complement your patio or retaining wall, or create a distinctive style for your overall landscape design.

Moreover, the addition of a stone fireplace will allow for more entertaining space outside your home and enable you to enjoy your outdoor space when the temperatures begin to drop.

A Seat Wall

A seat wall will provide notable benefits to your outdoor space, the most obvious being the option of additional seating to accommodate more guests, which can be helpful when entertaining. Another benefit is the space gained due to not needing additional patio furniture to fill your outdoor space. By reducing the need for other patio equipment, your outdoor space could feel much more open. Quality seat walls are also easy to maintain and can be customized to fit practically any landscape.


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