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5 Signs You Might Be in Need of Tree Services Near Me in the Swampscott and Wenham, MA, Areas

5 Signs You Might Be in Need of Tree Services Near Me in the Swampscott and Wenham, MA, Areas

If you find yourself searching “tree services near me” in the Swampscott and Wenham, MA, areas, you will quickly discover that the services you need may be more involved than a simple trim. Here are five signs that you may need tree services for your landscape:

Breaking Tree Branches

A potential sign that shows you might need a tree service on your property is when you notice tree branches are readily breaking. One tree branch breaking away may not cause you to call for a tree service, but you may have multiple tree branches falling down and breaking off, maybe from a recent storm. In this case, you might need the help of a tree service company to come out and trim your trees.

Roots Protruding From a Walkway

It is not just the tree portion above ground that requires tree services now and again. The tree roots may also be in need of service from the landscaping professionals. For example, if tree roots are pushing through your walkway or patio, it may be time to remedy the situation. A landscaping company can offer help in the form of attentive tree services and, if necessary, an overdue upgrade of any landscape feature that has been damaged.


You may find that the trees in your landscape have reached their full growth potential and are now causing issues for other landscape features or causing issues for your neighbors. In this case, it may be time to enlist the help of the tree service professionals. The landscaping company will come out to your property, evaluate the overgrowth, and offer solutions to get your trees back to a more manageable state.

Trees Look Unhealthy

You might find that your once healthy trees no longer look the same. There may be a loss of leaves or flowers and the tree trunk may look like it has been infested with pests. If your trees look unhealthy, it is time to have them evaluated. Your landscaping contractor can tell you what they can do to turn your unhealthy trees into beautiful landscape features once again. Maybe the solution is pruning, or perhaps the landscaper can offer some ways to deter pests that are eating away at the tree trunk.

Trees Look Messy

Just like humans need haircuts, so do trees. The landscaping company can prune your trees and trim the branches to an attractive or healthy point. The pruning may include taking a few dead branches away or giving the entire tree a much needed pruning. Seasonal pruning is necessary to ensure your trees look nice but also to keep them healthy.

Keep in mind that you want your landscape professionals to prune your trees at the right time, such as late winter or early spring, so that your trees can grow back their leaves and buds in time for the warmer weather months. Tree experts are known for being able to evaluate what is best for each tree—so that they can thrive year-round.


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