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7 Areas of Your Lexington and Weston, MA, Front Yard Where Outdoor Lighting Can Be Added

7 Areas of Your Lexington and Weston, MA, Front Yard Where Outdoor Lighting Can Be Added

Outdoor lighting can make your home in the Lexington or Weston, MA, area look more warm and welcoming. When guests arrive at your home, you want them to be able to see clearly in the evenings, but there is more to outdoor lighting than simply brightening a space. Outdoor lighting can also highlight the architecture of your home and give your home a professionally designed appearance. Here are some of the areas in your front yard where you may want to consider having outdoor lighting installed.

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Paver Walkways

Stylish and decorative light fixtures can be installed along your paver walkways, which increases the visibility for anyone who walks on them. Whether you want the walkways to be brightly lit or simply have subtle light is up to you. These lights create a clear path so your guests know where to walk.


The last thing you want is for someone to trip and fall over your stairs. Outdoor lighting can be installed on the stairs themselves to brighten up each step. Your guests will appreciate being able to see each step clearly and you can rest assured that you have done everything you can to prevent falls.

Front Entryway

You may want your front entryway to be well-lit so that it appears welcoming. This also helps enhance the beauty of your home. When you answer the doorbell or knock on your door, you want to be able to clearly see who is on the other side of the door, which is one reason why having outdoor lighting installed around your front entryway is usually viewed as essential.

Driveway and Garage

When you arrive home in the evenings, you will appreciate lighting installed near your garage door and along the paver driveway. Not only will you be able to see more clearly, but if you have your house number located near your garage, this will make it easier for guests, delivery service people, and emergency personnel to locate your home. This lighting can also provide light to your driveway area.

Exterior Walls

Uplighting, which involves installing spotlighting at the base of a structure and shining upwards, can be used along the exterior walls of your home. Similarly, downlighting is placed near the top of a structure and shines downwards. Both uplighting and downlighting add drama to the appearance of your home and highlight architectural features. This lighting creates shadows, which add to the overall appearance of your home in the darkness.

Flower Beds

If you have beautiful flowers or plants in your flower beds, you should be able to appreciate them at all hours of the day—even in the darkness. Various lighting methods can be used in flower beds, including spotlighting and using light fixtures similar to what would be used near walkways.


Spotlights can be added at the base of trees to shine upward. This can be especially beautiful on trees with an open structure because it illuminates the branches. Spotlights can also be installed near the top of a tree to shine downward, a technique which is also called moonlighting. This method creates a magical effect by creating shadows of tree branches on the lawn. The shadows will move when the wind blows, adding drama to your landscape.

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