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Choosing the Right Color for Your Patio Pavers to Complement Expert Masonry in Winchester, MA

Choosing the Right Color for Your Patio Pavers to Complement Expert Masonry in Winchester, MA

Everyone can appreciate the expert-level masonry only seasoned professionals can provide—particularly when it comes to patios. Some of the dullest locations on a property can be brought to life with the right masonry and paver patio design. After working on a countless number of paver patios in the Winchester, MA, area, we know that color selection can matter to some homeowners more than anything else. It can affect your overall enjoyment while basking in the sun, lounging by the pool, or having a barbecue on the fourth of July. To avoid any color clashing and to match your personal preferences, let’s review a few tips and tricks for proper patio paver color selection.

Don’t Overdo It

Perfect color matching is not often possible and it’s not usually necessary. The focus should typically be on achieving complementary colors when thinking about how your paver patio will look in relation to its nearby surroundings, such as your home’s foundation, a seating wall, or a water fountain. Aiming for color matching won’t allow the eyes to navigate through the unique and exquisite finer points of the masonry work or paver patio. You could instead aim for a color that is a few shades off from any walls, water fountains, or statues that will be staying in or added to your landscape.

Avoid Clashing Colors—Unless You Like the Look

If you want to be unique, you can choose a color completely separate from the existing masonry. It’s a matter of personal taste, although you may find that over time that it does not have the same appeal. Your landscape contractor can be an invaluable resource here as they have seen completed projects and know what kind of looks feel “timeless” as the years go by. Examples of contrasting colors could be a dark colored paver in contrast to a red brick wall or an expanse of magenta flowers. A word to the wise: Bluestone-like pavers of various shades seem to go well together with nearly all other colors.

Use Other Decor to Accent the Color Choice

Turn your patio area into a vintage magazine picture by adding some other accent pieces to your patio pavers, no matter the color. Try to choose accent pieces that will convey the overall mood of your patio setting. Selecting the right flower pots, flowers, benches, patio furniture, birdbaths, gazebo, or umbrella can make the entire scene look elegant, lively, serene, tranquil, or glorious.

Consider How Your Pavers Will Mature

Time can have an effect on your patio pavers, and the effects can be seen in their coloring. To preserve a particular color, you could have them sealed, and sealing will need to be repeated every few years by your landscape contractor. Or you may like the maturing effect and wish to leave them as is—quality pavers in fact do not require sealing to keep them long-lasting. Regular cleaning of your patio pavers is worth undertaking, to ensure they are free of dirt and debris—so that their beauty, no matter what color you have chosen, has a chance to properly shine through.

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