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Enhance Your Space With Thoughtfully Planned Landscaping in the Weston and Lexington, MA Areas

The best Weston and Lexington, MA Areas landscape designs go above and beyond with careful attention to the particular characteristics and nuances of the property. Balance, symmetry, climate, climate, and soil are some considerations for a thriving, attractive outdoor space. Here are some ways to enhance your property with a thoughtfully planned landscape that delivers functional outdoor living and beautiful plantings.

Enhance Your Space With Thoughtfully Planned Landscaping in the Weston and Lexington, MA Areas

Include Hard Spaces and Plantings

The most appealing, functional landscapes have a pleasing balance of hard spaces such as patios, poolscapes, and pavilions to offer respite, shade, and activities, along with attractive plantings that make the areas lovely and visually interesting. Incorporating each primary feature into your outdoor areas ensures it can be used frequently and enjoyed to the fullest.

Property Entries

The property entry sets the tone for what your guests can expect to find throughout the outdoor areas. A custom fence of stacked stone pillars with wood railings creates a line across the property front that can be continued along the driveway to add definition to a front yard landscape.

Plantings that echo the straight fence line such as a row of the same small, flowering trees or evergreen boxwoods add to the symmetry and draw attention to the natural elements of stone, wood, and plants. Incorporate a pop of flowering color with azaleas that bloom in spring and summer or add texture with small ornamental grasses at the tree base.

Driveway pavers can contribute pattern and texture with interesting shapes and surfaces that break up the greenery with inlaid designs and repeating details. Utilizing the same pavers for a front walkway creates a seamless space that flows effortlessly through the front landscape, infusing the space with movement.


The backyard should be a haven of relaxation, combining functional outdoor living areas with shade from trees and brilliant colors of flowers and shrubs that catch the eyes and delight the senses.


Creating a custom walkway with pavers leading from the side yard to the patio forms a line that draws attention to a space dedicated to refreshment, entertaining, and quiet moments. Flanking the walkway with the same plantings such as striped monkey grass and dark mulch adds visual contrast and directs your guests to this outdoor space.

A Fire Pit

Separating the fire pit from the patio can help it feel like a different space, defined by physical distance and a new function. Connect the fire pit and patio with irregular stepping stones that introduce a break in the symmetry and invite guests to find their way to the fire.

Elevating the fire pit in a grassy space and enhancing it with a retaining wall can make it a focal feature of the landscape, particularly when edged around the outside perimeter with perennial flowers that return each year for effortless beauty. Increase the functional seating with the stone retaining wall set at the right height for perching with a drink while basking in the warmth and ambient light.

A row of fast-growing evergreens can form a living screen to offer privacy, a break from the wind, and increased coziness.

Thoughtful Illumination

Ensure you can use these outdoor spaces with illumination that lets you stay outdoors as long as you wish, enjoying the beauty and unique characteristics of your landscape.


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