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Enjoy a Stroll Through Your Fine Garden With These 5 Landscaping Ideas in the Swampscott, MA Area

Enjoy a Stroll Through Your Fine Garden With These 5 Landscaping Ideas in the Swampscott, MA Area

Imagine taking a stroll through a beautiful fine garden right on your own Swampscott, MA, property. If you want to enjoy color all year round, a landscaping company may be able to help you achieve that. Plus, they can help you choose additional features that add to the aesthetics of the space. Here are five ideas that you may want to consider having included in your fine garden area.

Winding Paver Walkways

Paver walkways have a timeless look that is stunning in a garden setting. There are many color, shape, and style options to choose from, which gives you the opportunity to add your own personal style preferences and personality to the space. Whether you want to have a modern look with straight lines and muted colors or you want to have an old-world look with rich earthy tones, a landscape contractor can help you select the perfect pavers for your application.

Artfully Illuminated

Outdoor lighting can add drama and character to your outdoor space. You can have outdoor light fixtures added along your paver walkways, spotlights to highlight specific features, or even flood lighting to illuminate the entire space. If you have colorful flowers, interesting textures, or beautiful water features, you want to be able to see them at all hours of the day.

There are numerous lighting methods that can be employed. For example, moonlighting is a great way to add drama to your landscape. With this lighting method, an outdoor light is placed near the top of a high object, such as a tree, and shines downwards on the object. When it’s installed on a tree, it will create shadows of the branches on the ground so that when the wind blows, it makes the shadows dance upon the ground.

Perfectly Curated Plantings

Professional landscapers can often curate plantings for your garden to ensure you have color all year round. A combination of seasonal bulbs and perennials will make your garden an appealing place to be.

Seasonal Bulbs

Landscapers can include seasonal bulbs in your garden plan. Some of the spring bulbs to consider having added to your garden are alliums, crocuses, daffodils, Dutch irises, hyacinths, and tulips. Some summer bulbs to consider are cannas, dahlias, gladiolus, and caladiums.


Perennials are plants that come up every year. In the Swampscott, MA, area, some of the perennials that you may choose to include are coneflowers, daylilies, peonies, roses, columbines, and milkweed. Perennials that typically do well in the shade include bleeding hearts, ferns, hostas, lilies of the valley, and Virginia bluebells.

Full and Healthy Trees

Trees are great additions to gardens and add plenty of oxygen to the air. You can choose to go with smaller, ornamental trees or larger trees with full foliage. Some examples of trees to consider are Japanese maples, purple-leaf plum trees, weeping blue atlas cedar trees, and fringe trees.

A Well-Hydrated Landscape

Whatever plantings you have included in your garden, ensure they are kept well-hydrated. Many landscaping companies can install an irrigation system that takes the guesswork out of how much water is needed for your lawn and landscape. A professional can set up a system that will keep your landscape looking beautiful and healthy.


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