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Expert Care You Can Find When Searching “Tree Services Near Me” in Lexington and Weston, MA

Expert Care You Can Find When Searching “Tree Services Near Me” in Lexington and Weston, MA

Like your lawn, trees on your Lexington and Weston, MA, area landscape need regular care—just not as often. If you have been searching “tree services near me,” here are some of the services that some landscaping companies offer:

Tree Removal

There may come a time when you have to remove a tree or multiple trees from your property. Maybe the tree roots are growing underneath your paver patio or walkway and causing damage to this masonry feature. Or perhaps you have a dead tree in your yard that’s posing a safety hazard and also doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing anymore. A landscaping/tree services company can visit your property and bring heavy duty equipment and experienced team members to your yard to fully remove the tree and tree roots. Once they’re finished, they’ll clean up the area, leaving you with a lovely landscape minus the problematic tree.

Tree Planting

It’s not just when you need tree removal services that you can obtain help from a tree service company. Some tree service providers also offer planting services. Adding trees to your yard offers shade for those hot, summer days and a healthy landscape for the benefit of the environment.

Tree Trimming

Trees need upkeep and maintenance services just like other plantings. You may notice that your favorite tree is looking a little unhealthy or needs to have some branches trimmed and pruned. When this time arrives, you can contact your local tree services provider to get the job done the correct way. Tree trimming and pruning should be done at various times throughout the year to ensure the trees stay healthy. In addition, trees that are trimmed and pruned bring about the overall lovely aesthetics of your property and equate with a well manicured landscape.

Irrigation Services

You likely keep the plants and flowers in your yard well hydrated. However, it’s also important to ensure the trees on your property are watered as well. The tree service company may offer irrigation advice and installation so that the trees around your property stay healthy throughout the year. You can ask the landscaping company what types of irrigation systems and techniques would most benefit the various trees around your yard. If you don’t have an irrigation system, it may be time to consider having one installed.

Tree Limb and Branch Cleanup

You may also want to call a tree services company in your area if you need to obtain cleanup services when tree limbs and branches are all over your yard. Perhaps there was just a large storm that caused a lot of tree limbs and branches to fall or maybe it’s in between seasons and you need to have this debris cleared from your property before winter arrives or summer is here. The tree cleanup service will get your property back to its original, debris-free state. You may even want to schedule this service to occur on a seasonal basis.


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