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For Low-Maintenance Landscaping, Consider These Masonry Features in the Lexington, MA, Area

For Low-Maintenance Landscaping, Consider These Masonry Features in the Lexington, MA, Area

Maybe you want your property to stand out in your Lexington, MA, neighborhood, but that does not necessarily mean you want to have to worry about the maintenance requirements that often come with a beautiful landscape. Fortunately, there are landscaping and masonry features you can add to your Lexington, MA, area property that require very little maintenance and minimal continual care. Here are a few to consider:

Retaining Wall

When built with premium materials, a retaining wall is a useful addition that doesn’t require a lot of work to maintain. Once the retaining wall is built alongside your backyard patio or added to the landscape of your pool patio area, the work is practically done. This type of sturdy structure is durable and weathers the elements well. If you spill food on the wall when you're having a gathering and using it as a seating wall, no problem. Simply hose off the wall and it’s back to its normal appearance. In addition to keeping the soil on your property in place, aiding in erosion prevention, your retaining wall can be a decorative feature, perhaps as an accompaniment to a set of stairs leading to your home’s front entrance. When you have retaining walls built in this location, you can help keep debris and leaves from cluttering your route and establish a visual boundary to keep people off your front lawn.

Paver Walkway

When built of stain-resistant, premium pavers, a walkway clearly designates where guests should go when navigating your walkway while also taking the worry out of caring for this distinct landscape feature. You can shovel the walkway when it snows and not worry about damaging the durable masonry. Weeds will not grow in between the pavers, so that is not a concern either.

Paver Patio

Like paver walkways, patios constructed of quality pavers require little maintenance to keep them looking nice and maintaining their structure. This is perhaps the landscape feature that will receive the most activity, as you gather with friends and have social gatherings, or hold game nights with family or dine by the fire pit. As with paver walkways, the jointing sand lines in between the pavers on the patio will help to prevent weeds, which means less worries about weeding throughout your landscaping. Cleaning the paver patio is also easy to do with water from a hose or light power washing to clean off dirt and debris.

Custom Driveway

When you hire a landscape contractor to build a custom driveway on your property, you’re adding a low maintenance thoroughfare to the space. Paver driveways often provide an updated, modern appearance and are easy to care for overall. The driveway can be easily cleared of leaves and other debris with a leaf blower. In addition, premium driveway pavers are durable and are specifically thicker in order to be able to withstand the weight of cars heading to and from your garage.


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