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From Dusk Till Dawn: Outdoor Lighting Ideas in the Weston and Lynnfield, MA Areas

From Dusk Till Dawn: Outdoor Lighting Ideas in the Weston and Lynnfield, MA Areas

To make the most use of your landscape, even when the sun goes down, a strategic outdoor lighting plan is necessary. By lighting up beautiful features to admire at night and making the patio both accessible and ambient in the evenings, your transition from indoor living to outdoor living can continue to be seamless. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas for coverage of all the nighttime hours for your Weston and Lynnfield, MA, area property:

Illuminate Your Pavilion

For a pavilion, you can brighten up this popular gathering spot within the shade structure itself and along its perimeter. Built-in lighting for the surrounding retaining wall can bring attention to the central activity area of your landscape as well.

Brighten Up Your Pool Space

Swimming pools should be able to be used in the evening as well as the daytime. With the addition of outdoor lighting around this outdoor space, you can extend your time outdoors swimming in the pool. Outdoor lights can be added to the steps leading to and from your pool patio. You can also add outdoor lights to the pool patio and brighten this area all the way around the pool. Don’t forget to include outdoor lights in surrounding garden areas—while you float, you can admire the movement within your flower beds during a breezy evening.

Line Your Walkways With Inviting Lights

When thinking about outdoor lighting for your landscape, there are also the walkways to consider. Walkways, in fact, can be the first feature your guests notice and spend time on, as they work their way to your backyard. Recessed lighting can give these masonry features a lovely glow, while some homeowners prefer more prominent lighting fixtures for the effect they have along the paver walkway at night and the interesting visual contrast of materials.

Give Your Outdoor Kitchen Some Light

An outdoor kitchen offers the ultimate in convenience to outdoor living space and will get a lot of use, once you become accustomed to cooking and dining alfresco. Task lighting will ensure that you do not have to worry about the time of day when you cook. You will be able to clearly see as you prepare and grill, and then plate your culinary delights. The beautiful presentation can be made in your outdoor dining area, where the lighting may be more subtle for a just-right ambiance conducive to lovely conversations at the dinner table.

Shine a Light on Your Driveway Entrance

While updates are being made to the backyard, you will want to include your front yard for outdoor lighting as well. It adds to the inviting visual and also provides a clear route from the car to the driveway to the walkway to your front entrance. You can opt for adding lights to the retaining walls that adjoin either side of your driveway and place outdoor lights on top of the entryway columns to your driveway, too.


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