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Here Are 6 Landscaping Additions for a Paver Patio in the Lynnfield, MA, Area

Here Are 6 Landscaping Additions for a Paver Patio in the Lynnfield, MA, Area

When it comes to landscaping at your Lynnfield, MA, home, you likely want to have an area designed and built where you will be drawn to spending more time outside. Including a paver patio in your landscape design is a great place to start, and it can be complemented by various additions to make it more comfortable, luxurious, and functional. Here are some of the features you may want to consider for your paver patio area.


Paver walkways can be a wonderful addition to a paver patio area. It makes it much easier to move from one outdoor space to the next when you have a level surface to walk on. Plus, it will help you and your guests avoid trips and falls. If everything is being built new, you can choose pavers that match the ones used to build your paver patio, or you can choose to have pavers of different colors, shapes, or patterns to add contrast.

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating your beautiful outdoor living spaces will not only make your front yard and backyard look more beautiful, but you will also extend the amount of time that you can spend outside. The fun doesn’t need to stop when the sun goes down. You could be sure to have either decorative light fixtures or recessed lighting installed along your walkways to ensure everyone can see their route clearly.

Seating Wall

Having a seating wall built will ensure you always have enough seating for your guests. You won’t need to lug out heavy patio furniture whenever you have guests at your home but rather can depend upon the convenient seating that a seating wall provides. This type of landscaping feature can be especially helpful when built near a fire pit area.

Fire Features

Since the lure of a contained fire can create a compelling gathering place, including a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace in your paver patio design plan is a great idea. You can enjoy joining others around your fire pit on a chilly autumn evening and appreciate the warmth and glow of the wood-burning fire.

For a more formal look, you could have an outdoor fireplace built. The chimney helps direct the smoke up and away, making your outdoor living areas comfortable. Imagine hosting a small gathering with your best friends, where you can sit on comfortable patio furniture by the outdoor fireplace, enjoy snacks on a charcuterie board, and sip on fine wine. You will have the opportunity to make plenty of memories around your outdoor fireplace.

Plant Beds

You can have a retaining wall built, or use the area behind a seating wall, to use as a location for plant beds. This gives you the opportunity to have colorful flowers and greenery added to your landscape that improves the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Irrigation System

You’ll more likely enjoy your paver patio the best when your view is a good one. Having an irrigation system installed throughout your property can ensure that happens. Your lawn will likely be lush and green, and your plant beds can be thriving.

There are various types of irrigation systems that are generally used, including surface irrigation, localized irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and sub-irrigation. Contact a landscape company for more details about which irrigation system would be the most appropriate for your specific property.


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