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Seasonal Landscaping Trends to Enhance Your Walkways in Winchester and Wenham, MA

Seasonal Landscaping Trends to Enhance Your Walkways in Winchester and Wenham, MA

For a front yard, the walkway in Winchester and Wenham, MA, will help set the tone as your guests approach your home, while a backyard walkway can reinforce your backyard landscaping style. With the fall season upon us, it may be time to look at ways to consider seasonal landscaping trends for a new walkway.

Textured Pavers for the Walkway

Add style and visual interest to your landscaping with textured pavers that resemble the distinctiveness of natural stone. Versatility and durability are the reasons why pavers make an excellent choice when looking to enhance your landscaping. Whether it is a formal or natural look that you desire, the various styles available for concrete pavers mean you will find a paver that will fit with your landscape and personal preferences.

Paver selection is just the beginning; a beautiful pattern will bring an element to your walkway that is both eye-catching and appealing. It could be distinctive, with a contrasting border, or it could be simple with large-format pavers. Or you may prefer the look of a stepping stone path: If you are looking to have a natural stone walkway, consider slate, sandstone, or bluestone for your walkway.

Stone Wall

A low stone wall could act as a border to your walkway, and enhance the look of your walkway areas. Use the stone wall as a place to stage flowers to help bring color to your walkway, or keep it bare—a stone wall can serve as a sitting wall for conversation as you wait to greet your guests at the door.

Sustainable Outdoor Lighting

Beneficial for both safety and style, sustainable outdoor lighting choices can illuminate and enhance your walkway’s beauty. Install recessed walkway lighting for a more streamlined look.

You could have downlights installed within trees and position them to shine down on your walkway, to replicate the moonlight seen with a beautiful night sky. You can also have lamp posts installed adjacent to each other at the beginning of your walkway, making for an even more inviting feel.

Adding Pops of Color to the Landscape

The beauty of a landscape is often in the colors. Considering what flowers to have alongside the walkway could accentuate the hardscape feature’s beauty, especially if you are looking to heighten the seasonal feel for you and your neighbors.

Think about adding a mix of seasonal colors like an assortment of mums or a perennial like the beautiful blue color found in a New York Aster. You can have them planted in the ground or pots could be staged alongside your walkway.

An Intimate Outdoor Seating Area

Enjoying a nice seat within a beautiful landscape is something to be experienced—as often as possible. You could have an area off of your walkway designed for the placement of a bench or bistro set. You can have a gazebo constructed to make this area of your landscape even more inviting.

An extensive walkway could wind around and through your landscape. Providing a “rest area” for those on the path will allow you and your guests an opportunity to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature that surround them.


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