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Why Now Is a Great Time to Plan Snow Removal in Lexington and Winchester, MA

As thoughts of winter approach the Winchester and Lexington, MA, areas, it’s that time again—planning for snow removal. Snowy and icy driveways, walkways, and sidewalks can put activities at a standstill for both homeowners and commercial property owners. To keep things moving, all winter long, you want to avoid the inconvenience—and dangers—that snowfall can cause.

Why Now Is a Great Time to Plan Snow Removal in Lexington and Winchester, MA

Just as you would wrap your pipes to prevent them from bursting in extreme cold or ensure your home is properly sealed, insulated, and caulked, it’s important to prepare in advance for snow removal before it happens.

Here are four reasons to plan ahead for snow removal:

1. Peace of Mind

Aside from weather forecasts and emergency weather alerts, you never really know when you might need to have snow removed. Plus, even with advance warning, you may not be able to find a service with openings available to service your property.

By planning ahead, you can rest easy throughout the snow season, by knowing that the areas you’re responsible for will be cleared of snow hazards, even if you’re traveling or not available.

2. Safety

Snow-covered walkways, driveways, sidewalks, steps, and other surfaces pose dangers, not only to yourself but to visitors, too. Homeowners and commercial property owners are responsible for ensuring their properties are free of snow hazards because, if someone does accidentally fall and become injured, they can be held responsible.

In Massachusetts, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled that property owners and landlords are responsible for the removal of “every inch of snow and ice on their property.” For commercial properties, snow left on the surface of parking areas poses risks to both cars and pedestrians.

3. Preservation

In some situations, it doesn’t take long for snow to start damaging some surfaces as it melts. Since ice and snow can cause contraction, after months of heat in the warmer weather, long-term, repeated exposure can cause cracks and flaws. It’s helpful to have these cold elements removed as quickly as possible to prevent excessive damage.

Trees can also be impacted by damaging snowstorms and the weight of snow. This poses another risk to safety, so it’s helpful to have trusted professionals who can address such issues for you.

By planning ahead, your snow removal professionals will be able to respond more quickly than if you were to have to call around, check reviews, and get appointments in a hurry.

4. Multiple Options

Professional snow removal services know how to remove snow from textured areas like gravel or decorative walkways without using harsh chemicals or rough machinery. Natural ice melting methods like gravel, sand, and salt will efficiently remove snow and ice, without damage to the area.

When you plan ahead, your snow removal service can look at your property and determine, in advance, what type of snow removal you’ll need and if you may need more than one different kind.

With winter weather fast approaching, it’s helpful to ensure your home is ready for the sometimes nasty weather that comes with it. By including snow removal in your winter planning, you can have even less to worry about, so you have more time to enjoy cozy evenings by the fire, worry-free.


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