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4 Landscaping Ideas to Add Alongside Your Paver Driveway in the Lexington, MA, Area

4 Landscaping Ideas to Add Alongside Your Paver Driveway in the Lexington, MA, Area

A gorgeous paver driveway can be an impressive addition to your home in Lexington, MA. With a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes of pavers available, the design options are almost limitless. Landscape professionals can help you choose the perfect pavers for your project so that they help you achieve your preferred style and aesthetic. To create a cohesive effect with the rest of your landscape, you may want to include four landscaping features alongside your paver driveway.

Lush Plant Beds

Lush and vibrant greenery introduce visual interest to your driveway area and could add character to your space. You could have plant beds added within sight of the paver driveway but not connected to it, if you wish. Edging can be added to create a separation between your paver driveway and the plant bed area, as well as between the plant bed area and your lawn.

A Beautiful Retaining Wall

If your paver driveway is near a slope or hill, you may need a retaining wall for practical purposes. However, there is an aesthetic value to this feature also in that the materials used can help create a beautiful architectural focal point in your landscape.

The addition of a retaining wall can help to preserve the integrity of your paver driveway in a variety of ways. First, rainwater can rush down a steep slope and eventually lead to soil erosion as the soil is washed away. Soil erosion may result in bare spots throughout your landscape where nothing will grow, which will look unsightly. You wouldn’t want your front yard to be the eyesore of the neighborhood. Plus, when water is able to rush down the hill, it could also wash out your driveway.

A retaining wall can help with all of these problems. By creating a flat area of land with the use of a retaining wall, it slows down the flow of the water and prevents soil erosion and wash outs. In addition, these flat areas are ideal for plant beds. In this application, plants can help soak up the water and prevent further water damage from occurring to your landscape and paver driveway.

Paver Walkway

Paver walkways can complement a paver driveway perfectly. You can opt for pavers that are the same color and shape as the driveway pavers, or you can choose pavers that add contrast and variety to your landscape. This walkway will provide a convenient path from your paver driveway to your home, which you can appreciate on a daily basis.

Outdoor Lighting

Professionally installed outdoor lighting will serve a practical purpose of illuminating your driveway area and highlighting your paver walkway. Strategic illumination can also make a home appear more warm and welcoming, which will make your guests feel more comfortable when they are visiting your home.

While you can have outdoor lighting along the edges of your driveway, to provide clear visibility even on the darkest nights.


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