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5 Reasons to Choose a Traditional Paver Driveway in the Weston, MA, Area

5 Reasons to Choose a Traditional Paver Driveway in the Weston, MA, Area

Your driveway is the first landscape feature of your Weston, MA, home that people tend to notice. Upgrading to a paver driveway would not only signify that you have a stylish, welcoming home, but a traditional look to those pavers could help you establish a particular style that you wish to convey. Whether you are replacing your old driveway or making your mark on a newly acquired property, the traditional paver driveway could be the perfect choice for your next landscaping project.

Greater Variety of Styles

Unlike poured concrete driveways, a traditional paver driveway would give you access to a wider variation of patterns, colors, textures, and styles to choose from, to create an entirely customized look.

Whether you are looking for a pale sandy color or a bolder brick-red paver style, a glossy finish or a grittier matte appearance, a paver driveway offers more flexibility to your landscape design plan than a poured concrete or asphalt driveway. You could choose pavers that resemble natural stone, or your paver driveway could even look as if it belongs in an old-world time, by resembling a cobblestone street.

Complement to Other Landscape Features

By considering the surroundings of the paver driveway and the look of the entire property, your landscape contractor could consider how the selection of pavers can be complementary to other features, such as the walkway.

You could choose driveway pavers that have a similar tone or an adjacent retaining wall, for example, or opt for an interesting contrast between the two landscape features. At the same time, you could consider lining the driveway with outdoor lighting fixtures that are specifically positioned to bring attention to the paver pattern of your driveway in the evening. With a traditional paver driveway, the landscape design possibilities are practically endless.

Pavers Are More Durable

Another plus of pavers is their durability. Made to resemble natural stone but offering more reliability, concrete pavers can better withstand extreme weather without cracking. They will get through freeze-thaw cycles and rarely if ever need replacing.

Low Maintenance

In the rare event that a paver does need replacing, it is easier to do and less obtrusive than fixing a poured concrete driveway. Sealing is not required for pavers, but if it is used for retaining color, it will need to be reapplied every three to five years. After that, an occasional sweeping and power washing are the only maintenance requirements for a paver driveway, and even those activities are rarely needed if you opt for stain-resistant pavers.

A Masterful Property Entrance

Simply put, traditional paver driveways are a beautiful addition to any home. Created with more attention to detail than the poured concrete driveways, many paver driveways are uniquely designed to create interesting patterns that make for an amazing introduction to the rest of your property.

So, your traditional paver driveway can become more than the entryway onto your property—it can be a work of art, with a pattern and beauty that you would not find anywhere else, as it reflects the personality of your home and your personal style.


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