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Need an Entryway Refresh in the Lexington, MA, Area? Here Are 4 Durable Masonry Ideas

Need an Entryway Refresh in the Lexington, MA, Area? Here Are 4 Durable Masonry Ideas

When you pull into your driveway, you could feel a warm welcome simply by the beautiful sight of the place you call home. Perhaps the entryway to your home could use a refresh and a modern update, or maybe you need to have the historic features throughout your landscape renovated, so they’ll look good again. Here are some of the masonry ideas that you may want to consider for your Lexington, MA, home entrance.

Paver Driveway

The first landscape feature you likely see when you arrive home is your driveway. An upgrade to a paver driveway can make your home appear impressive and stylish. With many paver colors, styles, and shape options to choose from, you’ll likely have no trouble finding a paver pattern and look that you love.

Paver driveways are known to be highly durable. Since each paver interlocks with the next, it allows some space for the natural movement of the earth below. While traditional poured concrete surfaces might crack due to this movement, a paver driveway generally shifts to allow for it.

There are permeable paver options available that are considered eco-friendly because they allow rainwater to be filtered through the soil and into the groundwater rather than into the sewer system. Low-maintenance paver options are also available that are resistant to stains and appropriate for driveways.

Paver Walkways

You may also want to include paver walkways in your entryway refresh, especially if you have a paver driveway. If you’re taking on an entire landscape transformation, you can choose to have paver walkways that match your paver driveway or choose a complementary style and color to add character to your outdoor spaces.

At the same time, you could have outdoor lighting installed along your paver walkways that will help guide your guests to your front door and give your overall home a warm and welcoming look.

Custom Stairs & Porch Area

Your gorgeous paver walkways can lead to custom stairs and a porch area near your front door. Imagine the stunning look of stairs that look like natural stone leading to a raised porch area. This can become the perfect place for your seasonal and holiday decor to add festivity to the appearance of your home. Your guests will surely be impressed by the architecture and style of your home entrance.

Retaining Wall

If your home is located on a hill or steep slope, you may benefit from having a retaining wall added near the front entrance of your home. In some cases, this feature can help prevent the driveway from being washed away in a big rainstorm due to rainwater rushing down the hill. A retaining wall helps slow down the water flow and can direct the water into a more appropriate location.

Retaining walls can also become a focal point that adds to the overall beauty of your landscape. In lower areas, the retaining wall could even include a convenient seating wall where you can take a seat while watching your children play basketball on the paver driveway.

There is also a decorative opportunity because you can have plant beds installed by the retaining wall. You can have greenery and florals installed to add color to your landscape, which can completely change the appearance of your home.


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