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5 Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Landscaping in the Boxford and Weston, MA, Areas

5 Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Landscaping in the Boxford and Weston, MA, Areas

If you have been searching for landscaping ideas in the Boxford and Weston, MA, area, rest assured you have plenty of options. You can even add landscaping features that are low maintenance while being able to fill your outdoor space with attractive features that do not take a lot of time to manage or worry about. From beautiful healthy trees to creative paver walkways, here are five ideas to create an easy to maintain landscape.

Easy Care Trees

If you have a large lawn, you can cut back on the mowing requirements by adding some lovely trees to your property. Oak trees, for example, are excellent shade trees that grow well in a variety of soils and handle fluctuating temperatures well. Another easy to care for tree is the maple tree, which grows quickly and has many beautiful colors throughout the fall.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can cut back on the maintenance required by keeping your landscaping features, such as mulch and stone, where they belong and minimizing erosion. They can also act as an attractive divider for separate outdoor living spaces. When properly designed and built, retaining walls are also attractive to admire as they blend well in a natural element but also add a unique vision to outdoor spaces. And perhaps best of all, you hardly have to do anything at all to care for this structure when it is properly constructed.

Paver Walkways

Similar to quality retaining walls in that they require very little to any maintenance, pavers come in a variety of styles and color schemes. You can choose a paver style that matches the rest of your home’s exterior or choose something just a bit different so it stands out yet still blends well with everything else in your backyard or front yard. Occasional sweeping of your paver walkway could be all that is required to keep this in shape, in addition to sealing if you decide that is necessary when the walkway is constructed.

Eye-catching Outdoor Lighting

Professionally installed outdoor lighting minimizes the need to worry about lighting fixtures and also gives you another reason to stay outside, to enjoy your landscape. You can choose step lighting to light the stairs up to your front door. You can illuminate your gardens so houseguests can enjoy the natural beauty of this area no matter what hour of the day it may be. You can even use these lights to draw attention to the beautiful exterior of your home.

A Large Paver Patio

Paver patios not only serve as the foundation for an enjoyable outdoor living space, they require very little maintenance while also literally cutting back your expanse of lawn to worry about. Choose patio pavers that are similar or the same as your walkway pavers, to tie these landscape features together visually or choose an entirely different style to give you beautiful textures to admire when you lounge about outside, on your very own patio. With an outdoor fireplace nearby, you could keep warm and let all your worries—including home-related maintenance responsibilities—simply fade away.


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