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A Look at Favorite Masonry Features in the Boxford and Weston, MA Areas

A Look at Favorite Masonry Features in the Boxford and Weston, MA Areas

Adding style and utility to your landscape design may be on your to-do list these days. One way to give your landscape an improved look is by adding masonry features to your property. These outdoor space additions come in many varieties, styles, and colors. No matter what type of masonry addition you’re looking to add to your Boxford and Weston, MA, area property, doing so could achieve an entirely new look for your landscape. Here are some favorite masonry features to consider adding to your property:

Retaining Wall

The benefits of a retaining wall are voluminous in number. First, when you add a retaining wall to your property, you can prevent soil erosion that could be affecting your everyday use of your landscape and even your basement or home foundation. Also, retaining walls that are placed around garden beds will help to keep the mulch in place during rainstorms and windy days. In addition, retaining walls offer privacy for backyard patio areas and pool patios. These useful masonry structures can also be extra seating for guests if you’re hosting a party or family get together and need extra seats for the crowd.

Paver Walkway

A paver walkway can be the kind of update your landscape needs, and can give you an inviting way to move about your outdoor spaces. Plus, it can prevent mud tracks when you have guests over as everyone will know where to go. Paver walkways give an outdated landscape an elegant touch while providing a useful purpose.

Paver Patio

If you want to add a masonry feature that will experience a lot of use, ask the landscape contractor to build a paver patio for you. From multi-level patios to patios focused around a fire pit or inground pool, the options for a patio design are practically endless. Imagine sitting outside anytime you want, in your barefoot, enjoying the feel of the textured pavers, while enjoying a snack, a coffee, or simply taking in the sights of nature. The paver patio will also be an excellent entertaining spot, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen or pavilion nearby to bring the entertainment aspect together.

New Paver Driveway

Paver driveways are other masonry features that homeowners are fond of adding to their property. Revamping your driveway and adding a paver driveway will give your property a whole new look. You can match the pavers of the driveway with the retaining wall that runs along the property line at the front of your house. You may also want to match the new paver driveway to your paver walkway that leads up to your front door to give the property visual a uniform look. To highlight the beauty of your new paver driveway, recessed outdoor lighting along the sides of the driveway could provide a welcoming ambiance in addition to a clear view of where to go when visitors come by.


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