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Here’s an Inside Look at What Makes a Paver Patio Long-Lasting in the Winchester, MA, Area

Here’s an Inside Look at What Makes a Paver Patio Long-Lasting in the Winchester, MA, Area

You may want to consider a paver patio for your home in the Winchester, MA, area because of the immense design capabilities and the outdoor living feature’s reputation for durability. Pavers are available in numerous colors, shapes, and textures, allowing for various designs and styles to complement the look of your home.

Whether you prefer an old-world look or a sleek and modern appearance, your landscape contractor can build a paver patio that you will continue to enjoy for years. If you’re looking for an outdoor living surface that will last for a long time, here are some of the aspects that go into ensuring the longevity of a paver patio.

Durable Pavers

When you have a paver patio built on your property, you want to ensure that the contractor uses high-quality pavers and has experience using them to the manufacturer’s specifications. The pavers may come with a warranty depending on the landscape contractor’s construction methods.

Correct Building Practices

It is essential that correct building practices are followed when constructing a paver patio. The area needs to be properly excavated and slope downward away from any structure, which allows for proper water drainage. You certainly do not want water draining toward the foundation of your home and potentially causing flooding issues.

Base material should be used, such as crushed rock or gravel, and then compacted to create a stable surface. A layer of bedding sand is often used over the compacted base material, and this is where the pavers will be set.

The pavers will be placed in the design and pattern that you prefer, using the correct practices for any necessary cutting. Edging is often important to keep the pavers from moving and separating.

Another important step is to sand the joints. This involves sweeping sand over the patio's surface to fill up the spaces between each paver. Consequently, the pavers will stay in place.

Sealing, Cleaning & Sweeping

Having your paver patio sealed can preserve the original beautiful appearance of your paver patio. Sealant is optional and will be done after a paver patio is built and thoroughly cleaned, and then reapplied every three to five years.

Ensuring your paver patio lasts as long as possible requires occasional cleaning and re-sealing, if necessary. The paver patio can be swept to clear away any dirt or debris and then cleaned with a garden hose, water, and soap. There are also cleaning products available on the market that are made specifically for cleaning paver surfaces. You can hire a landscaping professional to take care of this job for you.

Quality Workmanship

It’s important to hire a landscape contractor that takes pride in their quality workmanship. You do not want a contractor that cuts corners. You can ensure that you are hiring a reputable contractor by doing your research beforehand.

For example, read through online reviews and see what past customers have to say. You can even ask the contractor for a list of references you can contact to inquire about their experiences. Find out how their pavers are holding up over time and if they would hire the contractor again.


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